Saturday, December 5, 2009

All You Need is {Bleep} entire original concept

All you need is love set in middle class suburbs of NYC in the 60’s

Possible name: All you need is"bleep" tying in quantum physics and causing more thought than the obvious "All you need is love"

A story for a movie, book, play, short story or musical

It opens with our hero, a 7 year old boy, surrounded by playing neighborhood kids with the usual accompanying noise.
Through the boys eyes we see one neighbor kid say "Hey I hear your father died" still through boys eyes all goes silent and we see blurred fish eye vision, boy is stunned, Kids mother is right in boy’s face, speaking in strangely muffled tones tells boy he’d better go home and kind of pushes him off her property toward his home across the way. View goes up and out into space
Mother bawling uncontrollably, screaming hysterically at kids, Grandmother consoling her tells the kids (boy and his two sisters) to play outside and not come in unless called.
Several scenes play of the three kids playing in bushes building a "fort". The boy is extremely irritating, destroying the sisters well planned fort, this leads to sister one explaining to the boy that the this side of the road is "the girl’s fort" and the other side of the road is the "boy’s fort". She really tries to sell the idea. Boy enters his fort and view goes up and out into space showing how alone boy is. Song: One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
It goes unnoticed that boy isn’t speaking at all and is sort of catatonic.
Several examples of boy’s mental illness with Mother trying to minimize but the school demands something be done. Different things are tried over the years with different bizarre therapies being tried. One Dr says "He’ll talk when he has something to say." Electro Convulsive Therapy, Timothy Leary recommending LSD, Art Therapy, on and on
Music therapy is the next thing being tried, Show Dr explaining to Mother about a therapeutic community and how they plan to use music to reach our hero through reward and punishment.
Boy is 16 year old and living on a ward in a Therapeutic community, we see someone introducing boy on the floor and explaining to him, even though he does not appear to be listening, Group therapies in therapeutic ward (knocking around the zoo James Taylor)
Boy headed to group therapy wearing headphones (ain’t it great to be crazy) several scenes illustrating how the headphones are used as punishment /reward for participating in therapy
We go through several scenes of the music being taken away for different "infractions" and given back for cooperating with therapy.
Some funny and sad scenes showing other patients sharing problems in groups

One day beautiful, angelic, Angelina who is also wearing headphones is introduced to the group also has not spoken in years
Boy is love struck by Angelina and several good love songs play out with different scenes of him watching her admiringly
She’s a Rainbow
One day we all live in a yellow submarine plays on his headphone and our boy has a flashback memory of being held under water by sister #1. {The sky is blue, we see it green in our yellow submarine} boy frantically thrashing fighting for his life, looking up through the water at the blue sky with white puffy clouds, finally he breaths in water and goes limp.
This memory leads to an epiphany with him processing the trauma though differing therapy sessions. While processing this breakthrough he goes though wild rages that require sedating and asthma like attacks during sleep waking up from nightmare of being held under water.
One day our teen boy witnesses Angelina being berated by an uptight staff person who is taking away her headphones because she didn’t make her bed.
(For the first time in ten years) he actually says or rather sings something. Stop in the name of love or Helter skelter
Several scenes of this being discussed by staff and family, it’s a huge breakthrough.
As life goes on at the mental hospital he continues to express himself thru singing phrases from songs.
Born to be wild
Don’t play with me ‘because you’re playing with fire
Angelina reciprocates with the minor difference that she only sings phrases from John Lennon’s songs.
A staff person is telling a friend, after work at a pot party, about this young couple and how they only communicate through singing rock.
They decide to have a weekend "rockathon" where no one speaks the just sing phrases from songs. It catches on and becomes a fad where groups of people will go to parties, retreats, or clubs where they only express themselves by singing rock songs. Groups diversify; some only do Beatles some only Doors, Santana, Stones, etc.
Some only do John Lennon songs. Strange things start to happen with the Lennon groups, they actually start to have an evolution of consciousness that leads to the development of psychic and extrasensory abilities.

This leads to world wide popularity of these Lennon only groups, showing Japanese, Russian, Icelandic etc groups doing various Lennon things and resultant development of psychic powers only being used with love.
Eventually this leads to a critical mass being reached in mankind people everywhere are talking the "Lennon speak" language of love.
Of course there are those who would fight against such a thing, trying to illegalize it then actually attempts to stop it through violence. Response to this violence is purely from love.
This obviously leads to the "second coming" or "awakening" and John with Jesus come to everyone in their minds eye revealing that this IS the second coming and there is no longer need for anything less than love anywhere.

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